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David Rivers becomes Eurohoops Showcase partner 

Eurohoops Showcase announces David Rivers as a partner and guest speaker.

Eurohoops Showcase, the basketball camp for young athletes from 14 to 19 years of age that will take place on June 20-22, 2023 at the Eurohoops Dome, gives the opportunity to athletes from all over Greece and also from abroad to develop their skills, showcase their talent and unlock all their athletic and academic potential. Top basketball coaches and prominent basketball figures from Europe and the USA will be at Eurohoops’ facilities in Athens, Greece. David Rivers, one of the fastest players that have ever graced the European courts – the legendary 1997 Final Four MVP, will be official partner and guest speaker for Eurohoops Showcase.

David L. Rivers, is a Sports & Education Int’l Ambassador, Former L.A. LakersNBA Conference Champion, multiple national Championships and European Player of The Year MVP Champion. Professional Basketball Career of 19 Years. Director of Global Sports & Education Academy Partners. Rivers will oversee basketball activities and evaluate our camp’s participants.

Register for Eurohoops Showcase 2023 here!

David Rivers

Notre Dame (1984–1988)
Los Angeles Lakers (1988–1989)
Los Angeles Clippers (1989–1990)
Tulsa Fast Breakers (1990–1991)
Memphis Rockers (1991)
Los Angeles Clippers (1991–1992)
La Crosse Catbirds (1992–1993)
Olympique Antibes (1993–1995)
Olympiacos (1995–1997)
Fortitudo Bologna (1997–1998)
Tofaş (1998–2000)
Olympiacos (2000–2001)
Olympique Antibes (2003–2004)

2× Turkish League champion (1999, 2000)
2× Turkish Cup winner (1999, 2000)
EuroLeague champion (1997)
EuroLeague Final Four MVP (1997)
EuroLeague Finals Top Scorer (1997)
EuroLeague Assists Leader (2000)
Italian Cup winner (1998)
2× Greek League champion (1996, 1997)
Greek Cup winner (1997)
French League champion (1995)
CBA champion (1992)


Date: June 20-22, 2023
Location: Eurohoops Dome
Participation fee: 150 euro

The three-day camp will include anthropometric measurements, skill development exercises and5x5 games. At the same time, all practice and game video streams will be provided to Eurohoops network of college coaches in United States. At the end of the Eurohoops Showcase, there will be a comprehensive evaluation and scouting report provided for each athlete. Participants will also have the opportunity to meet top coaches and professional athletes from around the world. Selected teams of the Greek U15 and U17 squads will also participate in Eurohoops Showcase 2023.

Participation declaration procedure

Eurohoops Showcase 2023 participation spots are strictly limited. That’s why participants will be selected based on athletic criteria. Interested athletes can register by filling out the relevant form online. Confirmation of participation will be made via email, which will contain information on the next steps to complete the process.


  • 5×5 games
  • Physical testing
  • Skill development drills for post players and guards
  • Post-event scouting evaluation
  • Post-event highlights and game film
  • All streams available to our network of college coaches
  • Q&A sessions with coaches and players



Eurohoops offers an additional hospitality package, covering accommodation in Athens, meals, and transportation to and from the Eurohoops Dome. For more information click here or contact by email at

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