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First ever Eurohoops Showcase tips off in Athens 

Top young athletes from eleven European countries will participate in the international basketball camp, aiming to develop their skills and discover their academic and athletic prospects in Europe and the USA!

The Eurohoops Showcase, the three-day international basketball camp for young athletes between 15 and 19 years of age, starts tomorrow and the Eurohoops Dome will host 60 potential European basketball prospects.

Top young athletes from Lithuania, Czech Republic, Romania, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Germany, Iceland, Slovakia, Albania, Latvia, and of course, Greece will practice and compete under the guidance of the Eurohoops coaching staff and top international coaches. The Eurohoops Showcase, which will be held with the approval of the Hellenic Basketball Federation, will also include athletes from the levels of Greek basketball.

The Eurohoops Showcase program includes individual technique drills, body metrics, 5×5 games, and speeches by basketball icons such as the 1997 Rome European Champions Cup Final Four MVP David Rivers and EuroLeague Legend Thodoris Papaloukas.

To honor the history of the country where the first Eurohoops Showcase is held, the organizing team decided to name the four teams that will be formed by the young players, after four historical places in Greece.

Thus, the athletes from the eleven countries of Europe will compete in the Eurohoops Dome, “representing” Olympia, Delphi, Delos, and Sparta, under the instructions of the Technical Director of the Eurohoops Academy, Constantinos Meletis, the U17 Head Coach of Get Better Academy, Ben Wisniewski, Dutch national team coach and Triple Threat Academy coach, Xavier van Lierop, and Get Better Academy coach, Clay Atkinson, respectively.

Eurohoops Showcase 2023 athletes

Martin Javansky2006Czech RepublicGBA Academy
Aiantas Boulanis2007GreecePanerythraikos
Vlad Diaconu2006RomaniaCSO Voluntari
Lars Mekking2006NetherlandsTriple Threat
Dimitris Kougiatsos2009GreeceEurohoops Academy
Ivaylo Skrinski2007BulgariaBUBA Basketball
Michalis Boumis2008GreeceEurohoops Academy Leonteios
Petros Penesis2007GreeceEurohoops Academy Leonteios
Elijah Ndi2004Germanys.Oliver Würzburg
Giorgos Siotas2005GreeceAEK BC
Konstantinos Tsoutsoulianos2004GreeceAchilleas Kato Axarnon
Kyle de Haas2008NetherlandsInternational School Haarlem
Viktor Mani Olafsson2008IcelandStjarnan
Andreas Blidaru2006RomaniaReal Betis Sevilla
Dionisis Psychogyios2007GreeceKoroivos Amaliadas
Iakovos-Aggelos Pavlidis2004GreecePierce
Iaroslav Fraseniuc2007RomaniaReal Betis
Omar El Derini2005GreeceDoukas
Giorgos Tsoutsoulianos2004GreeceAchilleas Kato Axarnon
Giorgos Arestis2007GreeceEurohoops Academy Leonteios
Finian Herod2008NetherlandsTriple Threat
Gergely Sipula2005SlovakiaBasketball Academy Komarno
Vlad Nistor2004RomaniaCSM Targu Mures
Erigert Bello2006AlbaniaEurohoops Academy Leonteios
Tudor Tanase2007RomaniaIES Bellavista Sevilla
Konstantinos Oikonomidis2006GreeceEurohoops Academy
Aggelos Bratakos2006GreeceEurohoops Academy
Evangelos Chrysopoulos2008GreeceEurohoops Academy
Spyros Karaoulias2008GreeceEurohoops Academy
Orestis Koutras2007GreeceAE Psychiko
Danila Margolin2005GreeceEFAOZ
Suciu Razvan-Alexandru2005RomaniaVilis
Vlad Popescu2006RomaniaCSO Voluntari
Anastasios Cristian Bondoc2006RomaniaZentro Basket Madrid
Stefan Ivascu2009RomaniaCSO Voluntari
Giorgos Kollias2007GreeceEurohoops Academy Leonteios
Stylianos Velkos2008GreeceAigaleo BC
Miks Zviedrans2006LatviaGet Better Academy
Panagiotis Rouvalis2007GreeceKallithea B.C.
Alexandros Komnianidis2007GreeceIraklis/Mantoulidis
Titas Dabriega2006LithuaniaSKM 2
Konstantinos Chatzis2006GreeceErmis Sximatariou
Konstantinos Athanasiou2006GreeceKAO Melission
Marios Marathonitis2006GreeceAEK
Eleutherios Marris2006GreeceEFAOZ
Ioannis Ntzamaras2006GreeceKAO Melission
Panagiotis Papazotos2006GreecePlaton School
Nikolaos Politis2006GreeceGS Peristeri
Mousis Mitrelos2006GreeceAEK
Dimitris Olympios2006GreeceASE Doukas
Giannos Xanthopoulos2006GreeceDeree
Dimitrios Kotsialos2006GreeceKronos Agiou Dimitriou
Panagiotis Dritselis2006GreeceKO Cholargou
Alexandros Memis2008GreeceAO Amyntas
Euaggelos Zafeiris2008GreecePlaton School
Giorgos Aggelopoulos2008GreecePanerythraikos
Aggelos Kyritsis2008Greece
Theodoris Papanikolaou2008GreeceGS Peristeri
Eleutherios Vassos2008GreecePanerythraikos
Nikolaos Birdas2008GreeceGS Glykon Neron
Dimitrios Tzeremes2008GreeceAO Amyntas
Orestis Tsilipanos2008GreeceKAO Melission
Alexandros Tsonis2008GreeceKO Cholargou
Ioannis Simopoulos2008GreeceAO Leonteios
Achilleas Yfantis2008GreeceAS Papagou
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