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Eurohoops Showcase started with international prospects and exciting games 

Young athletes from eleven European countries made their way to Athens for the Eurohoops Showcase

Young upstarts spilled into the Eurohoops Showcase with exciting games and were also inspired by experienced speakers in the Eurohoops Dome.

The athletes from eleven European countries of the Eurohoops Showcase 2023 landed in Athens to practice and develop, while also considering possibilities for academic and sporting opportunities in Europe and the USA.

Team Delphi and Elijah Ndi highlighted the Eurohoops Showcase. Get Better Academy’s coach Ben Wisniewski guided his side to the winner’s trophy with 19-year-old Ndi getting the MVP nod and being named Top Rebounder as well. Danila Margolin from Kazakhstan was the Top Scorer. The best shooter through the Dr. Dish Shooting Challenge was Lithuania’s Titas Dabriega.

David Rivers, partnering with Eurohoops, was the most influential presence at the event. The legendary player opened the Eurohoops Showcase speeches describing what it takes to become a champion. And most importantly, he watched every single minute of every game, offering valuable advice to the participants.

Hosting Theo Papaloukas spoke to the youngsters in the finale of the event pointing out how doubt can turn into a driving force in their careers. The EuroLeague Legend additionally announced the creation of Eurohoops Colleges aiming to connect young athletes from all around the world with basketball and academic opportunities in the USA.

Over 60 athletes from all around Europe practiced and played in the state-of-the-art facilities in Eurohoops Dome under the guidance of the Eurohoops Academy coaching staff alongside guest coaches Ben Wisniewski, Xavier van Lierop, and Clay Atkinson.

The schedule included 5X5 games with four teams borrowing the names of historic Greek cities, Olympia, Delphi, Delos, and Sparta. Two blue-and-white teams were added fitting in players from lower divisions of Greece. The youngsters also thoroughly enjoyed playing exciting 3X3 games to demonstrate development

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